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    Couples Counseling

    Couples counseling is an opportunity for you and your partner to explore your experiences, your relationship, and your ways of relating to each other in great depth within an environment of warmth and unconditional acceptance. In our first session together, we will look over your joint history and talk about the specific reasons you are seeking counseling. You will both have an opportunity to ask questions and to determine if The Well is the right environment for your relationship work.

    I bring a holistic attachment-based approach rooted in current neurobiological research to couples counseling. I am interested in learning about the specific ways you connect with your partner. I am a relational counselor and firmly believe that people are both hurt and healed within relationships. It is within the counseling environment that couples are able to learn and practice new skills.

    As you gain a greater understanding of how your life experiences have impacted you, we will look together at how to heal from the pain caused by past experiences such as:

    • Trauma
    • Infidelity
    • Sexual/Pornography addiction
    • Various other addiction
    • Attachment wounds
    • Mental illness
    • Grief and loss

    Coming to grips with the reality of you and your partner’s past and growing together through the process, you will come to better understand the specific behaviors that lead to your specific relationship dance. By learning to connect more deeply both within yourself and with your partner, you may begin to find freedom from old toxic patterns and styles of relating that are keeping your relationship stuck.

    Since the couple relationship is a powerful one and it offers the individuals within it this unique opportunity to address the unfinished business of the past, at times this may necessitate individual work. We will discuss your specific situation to determine if a referral for individual work is the right compliment to your couples work.

    I currently have specialized training in Attachment Based Interventions, Neurobiology, and Couples Addiction Recovery.

    A Few Points

    • Session length and frequency will be discussed during intake.
    • Sliding Scale available to those in need
    • Non-Network Provider for Insurance